nike store Cargo Golf CARGO GOLF PRO 700

Cargo Golf CARGO GOLF PRO 700

Product Description: Cargo Golf Pro 700 Golf Travel Bag: The Cargo Golf Pro 700 Golf Travel Bag is guaranteed club protection that’s airline approved. The Cargo Golf Pro 700 Golf Travel Bag is tough enough to protect more than a full set of golf clubs, yet light enough to easily carry for a full round. Completely hard sided to endure intense impact, the Cargo Golf Pro 700 Golf Travel Bag features two way full length dividers for great gol nike store f club management, a dual strap system for carry comfort, 10 pockets for ample storage and in line skate wheels to simplify transport. Stand is optional.

For the most part, I really like this bag. Stores don’t sell it and even when I contacted the manufacture directly, they seemed to have no idea what I was talking about. Without the stand, it’s a pain to walk courses since a) you usually have to lay the bag down, which sucks when it’s wet, and b) it’s a little heavy to constantly be picking up from the ground. The bag is smartly designed so that you can unzip the outer pockets and place them in a separate duffel (preventing damage or someone going through your stuff). On the course, it’s a good bag with enough pockets for everything I need. I do wish the bag had more than two sections to better manage my clubs, but it isn’t bad. As I mentione nike store nike store ong>d, it is heavier than your average bag, but not terribly cumbersome. I haven’t found this the case at all. I always carry 14 clubs in the bag Sumo driver, R7 3 wood, two hybrids, 4 GW, SW and a mallet putter. I leave the covers on the driver, wood, hybrids and my putter and can s nike store till put on the hard cover. I’ve used this bag this way for almost 2 years and never broken a club or shaft; I won’t claim it’s super simple. It took me a couple tries to figure out the best way of organizing the clubs, but basically with a little patience, I figured it out and now I can easily close the bag. For me, this bag does almost everything I need it to. I’ve been told by a couple people that the Pro 750 would address most of my complaints, but I’m happy enough with my current bag that I can wait for that price to drop.