nike shoes Case Logic celebrates 25 years

Case Logic celebrates 25 years

Walter Lockhart sees a sense of sophistication in keeping his gadgets protected. No longer are CD sleeves and camera cases something to just protect against normal wear and tear, they are now pieces of on the go fashion: rugged, yet elegant and subtle.With more than 15 years working for Longmont based Case Logic, he remembers when people needed a simple solution to just organize their cassette tapes.”If you said ‘mobile travel nike shoes nike shoes er’ five years ago you were talking about business. When you say mobile traveler today, you nike shoes mean anyone on the move,” said Lockhart, the company’s global category manager. “Consumers are mobile today.”Case Logic began in 1984 in the front seat of a car. Founder Jamie Temple would drive from one Colorado ski resort to another with cassettes banging around in the backseat, and his brother whispering in his ear to craft a better solution.Years later, Case Logic has seen its product line change from cases for cassettes and CDs to advanced solutions for iPods, iPhones, cameras, camcorders and travel bags. And in January, it’s set to introduce eight new travel bags in their Crossover Line.”The products have been selling really well; (Case Logic) has a nice niche in the electronics business,” said Anne Taylor, manager of Colorado Bag and Baggage Store. “These products are a good value for the money.”In 2007, Swedish company Thule, which specializes in a wide variety of travel products such as roof racks and bike carriers, bought Case Logic.In addition to promoting new consumer products, Case Logic has focused inward, beginning to implement changes in its warehouses making them more energy efficient with better modes of recycling and automatic on/off light switches.With 35 million products sold annually, and located in more than 30,000 stores worldwide, Lockhart is looking forward to fourth quarter sales numbers.”We’re gonna continue to provide the consumer with the best possible solutions to keep them organized,” Lockhart said. “As new electronics hit the ma nike shoes rket, we’ll be there.”